Watercolour Paintings

Exotic Animals Series



* Please note that all of the art work on this site is © Kay Enns. None of these works may be reproduced or copied without prior permission of the artist. *

*All of the artwork on this site is for sale by artist unless otherwise stated.  Commissions are welcome.*

Please contact Kay by email for more information: kaymenns@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “Watercolour Paintings”

  1. Kay, I love all of your art work and think you are truly talented. I love all the bright colors used in these paintings. All of them, especially Lake Minnewanka and the Inner Child make me happy:)

  2. nice~!!

  3. George Friesen said:

    What a beautiful and enchanting body of work. Truly a wonder to say. Press on, my special friend.

  4. So glad you joined Sage Brush Art Society. Marvelous work

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