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Five Blue Elephants 8" x 10" Acrylic Copyright Kay Enns

Five Blue Elephants
8″ x 10″
Copyright Kay Enns

I visited the Red Fort when I was in Delhi, India, in 2010, and I always planned on doing something with my pictures of it… Little did I know it would end up as it has! In this painting I added in a number of elements to make it more “picturesque” such as the elephants (and Ganesh), Dharma wheel sun, and all the foliage, as well as the peacock roosting in one of the towers (how did he get up there anyway???). The Red Fort is a huge complex enclosed by the red stone walls and the Bhodi tree (India Series painting #2) was in there as well.  Such fun it is to discover these places so foreign to what we know at home!  I’m not finished with my India paintings yet but am taking a break and doing a few landscapes of favourite places in Canada at the moment.  Watch for them!  Blessings and have a great day.