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Delhi Ricksahaw 11" x 14" Acrylic on Canvas Copyright Kay Enns

Delhi Ricksahaw
11″ x 14″
Acrylic on Canvas
Copyright Kay Enns

My “India Series” paintings were inspired by photos I took on my three trips to India between 2006 and 2011. I have been sitting on the photos for a long time, always wanting to paint from them but not feeling inclined to do them in watercolours. This year, in January, I decided to try my hand at acrylics and all of a sudden, the paintings came through, and still are. On a solo excursion to Delhi, I took a city tour, visiting several monuments and temples. I love India and wanted to immortalize some of the places I experienced in this way. I foresee quite a few more paintings to come in the near future as I explore and perfect my use of acrylic paints

I discovered this rickshaw abandoned in a disused lot in Chandigarh around the corner from my guru’s house. I set it into the park at Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi and it feels like it is at home there. Rickshaws are a very common means of travel in India and I personally rode in a few of them, always feeling sorry for the poor driver who struggled and strained for a few rupees. I was warned not to tip extravagantly because it would have negative consequences down the line for the driver who would start to think he was worth more, overcharge future customers, and end up losing business in the end. An interesting thought which most people do not consider.